a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Monday, December 19, 2011

chocolate is bad

Ray bought chocolates After Eights. They are so easy to eat and we did. Now my stomach is unhappy. Silly b....r !
We also went out for lunch at Cockney Kings , all you can eat,. Well you know I cannot eat much but I sure enjoyed what I did have,which was 2 pieces of fish and 2 oysters.
One of the oysters was for you Adam, it was really good LOL.  Did you enjoy it ?
We had to come home and rest after that. But you should have seen those that participated with second heaping plates.
My dear Mary is having another dose of medicine to jump start the baby but this little girl is not going anywhere.  haha.  Karin might win after all.
No I am not finished yet :D
We waited for a delivery of my ostomy supplies this morning when they said the would deliver them.  Of course they did not come and we went out. While we were out the came to deliver. So and this is the interesting thing, I called the supply house and was told they could do nothing about it and I would have to call them. I  did not have a phone number  but found a 1 800 number. When I called the message said if I was from Toronto..... At that point I hung up. Ray was mad,mad,mad so he called the supply house. Same tune different story. When he was finished with them they asked him when would be a good time for another delivery. HELLO! I need to be more aggressive.

This is the photo I told you about yesterday. I hope no one is offended by it but I thinkit is beautiful and want to share it.
Some day I am going to make a quilt using this block. I just love the colours in this particular block.
I found this block in quilting about. but I just typed in quilt blocks and there were thousands of them. If you go down to about the 4th
line the PDF is also there. Looks good.
Have a good evening friends.
Mele Kalikikimaki


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Sallie Jean said...

Love the picture of the babies with mom and dad. When I first looked at the block looked like a drunkard's path but then saw an extra sq. in it. I'm going to check out Inklingo and see if I can find the pattern.