a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Monday, December 26, 2011



There are a great number of neat needle cases on this site that you can make and save for gifts. I love the Sunbonnet Sue one as you scroll down. Happy needling!
What a fabulous three days we had here. I told you about Saturday in my last blog. 
Rick and Jim were here from Alberta, Peter and Judith came over to visit. I took pictures of them and after they had gone home I accidentally  deleted them. What a sap!! LOL.
Rick cooked the Christmas turkey, Ray made the dressing snd salad, Sam peeled, cooked and mashed the potatoes, Matthew brought his home made cranberry sauce and it was wonderful! Jim put a safety  bar in the shower/tub so that it will be safer for me.
Today Ricky, Katie, Meg,Louis, Mary, Albert and the two babies visited.
Charlotte you already know , she is nearly a year old and beginning to walk. She is a ton of fun, full of energy and a mind of her own,
Charlotte and her protector. Mommy Meg in the background.

Can't you just see mischief on this face LOL. She is teasing Daddy.

Then there was new baby Rose,just 6 days old . Such a perfect baby. I held her for quite some time, she slept through all the noise going on around her.
Sweet little girl isn't  she. My clothes are falling off,too much weight loss. Maybe I need new clothes.

Four generations ,Rose, Mary, Rick and  Nan.
I took more pictures but will save some for tomorrow.

Rick and Jim left in the afternoon to go back to Edmonton. It was a late afternoon start but they break the 13 hour drive up by spending the night in Kamloops. I hope the roads are good.
 Christmas has been very special for us this year, gifts just for the babies and that was so good.

Time to go  folks.
Bon soir.


Denise said...

Nan, you are very blessed. I'm happy to see your happy family. I'm also happy to see a photo of Mary. This must be the same Mary that kept all of us posted on your health! Is this her new baby? What a precious child. Please tell her congratulations.
Denise in AK

Diana Davis said...

It is good to see you! And you really had a nice visit I see. The babies are precious! I hope you are feeling lots better now!! ♥