a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Thursday, December 29, 2011



It looks good and I know most of you can figure it out but I couldn't. that is no reason not to put it up.

http://www.pbtex.com/html/free_patterns.html  Watch for the big black patch at the top, I thought there was nothing there so scroll down.
It was our 35th Wedding anniversary today. It's a long time for a second marriage. But I did better the second time around ;))
We were going to go to a nice restaurant but Ray said he wasn't up to eating a big meal and I can't eat much at a time either. So we scrapped that idea and went to visit our money at the casino as my friend Salliejean says. There will be more to visit the next time we go. LOL
We ate our anniversary lunch at the casino, very special!! Ray had a hot dog and I had chips and gravy. I couldn't eat them all so Ray helped me.
My legs were bad today, could barely stand up. It's strange, some days they are good and on other days terrible. I will be happy to see a neurologist.
But on to other news. Gerry, Ray's sister called  this morning to tell us that Marion, their sister who was treated for cancer ,has had a recurrance of the cancer and it apparently is bad. They are looking at a very strong chemo which is extremely expensive and applying to the government for funding. It will take two weeks before that happens . Meantime they are giving her
chemo to keep the cancer quiet.
New topic, Baby Rose, Mary and me. Baby  Rose never  batted an eye. I must call Mary to see when she is leaving for Victoria and if she, Albert and Rose can drop in for a short visit.
We are watching Murdoch Mysteries, a period tale of murder and mayhem. It is a very authentic depiction of life in Toronto in the late 1800s.
Good night friends- have a great evening.
Feliz ano nueve.

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