a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Tuesday, March 8, 2016


I am a bit late with my blog tonight. I have spent the evening so far watching TV . We are watching the programme Forensic Files. We watch this show a lot and other crime scenarios as well.  I like watching the real world of crime and so does Ray.

Today it was my quilting group. Those ladies are so nice and I love going to the group. Pat and I go to Metrotown and have coffee and chat before moving on to the church.
We share our lunch sometimes. Joanne gave me a half of her sandwich and I gave her a baggy of Smarties. She was happy and so was I. I have very little to applique these days and did practically nothing.Some times I do applique on the work of other ladies if they want my help. If I do say so my applique is pretty good and nothing to be ashamed of, so many quilters are happy to have me work on their applique. 
I have some work to do on a child's quilt for a new great granddaughter in Quebec. Our granddaughter Nancy asked me to make one for Eve as I had made a quilt for the other two little ones. This one will be hearts. I cannot remember what the other two were like so I'll ask Lynn to tell me. Maybe she can send a picture.

After I came home Ray and I went out for a while. We had coffee and a shared doughnut, half each. That is plenty for us.

We went to London Drugs to buy two cases of bottled water and as Ray says crap LOL. The crap consisted of a bag of mixed nuts.

When we got home I had a nap as I was up early at 7:00. That is early for me , I usually get up closer to 9:00. I have b=never liked early rising so when my working life was over the best thing for me was being able to sleep until 9:00. At that time I am able to rise and shine .

But now I am going to go to bed, I have a headache. 
Have a good evening folks.

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