a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Friday, March 25, 2016

nothing doing

Quiet day for the old folk as Ray would say. Not many distractions.  I have spent a lot of time on my laptop when I should have spent my time doing something productive , like sewing. But a waste of time it was today. Tomorrow will be better. We go grocery shopping tomorrow and that is productive don't you think? And then I plan on sewing when we come back.
Ray was hungry so he made himself bread and jam. Wow did that take us both back a long ways. That is what his mom and mine too used to give us when we complained about being hungry after coming home from school. Brings back memories of school days.

We did go out in the morning to the White Spot for lunch.  We both had a waffle. I really like waffles but don't have them very often. Why I have no idea other than I associate waffles with breakfast. And we don't eat breakfast out much, even though I love breakfast out. We do not get up early enough for breakfast out. I love to sleep in because I love to stay up late the night before. I think I told you that before, it all sounds familiar. 

We are talking about getting a pizza , not tonight but soon. I like pizza and so does Ray. And delivery sounds good!  We don't order in very often , hardly ever but I sure like the idea. Neither of us care much to cook these days. Ray is a spectacular cook but is no longer interested in the exercise. I am a medium kind of cook and some days I  like to get in the kitchen and muck around making dinner. Not always but sometimes.

That's it for tonight folks. Have a great evening!

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