a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Hmmm Here it is, the blog which was untitled is now titled. Ray reminded me to write this blog. It is a bit late but I was busy doing other things like watching shows of WW2. We still have a great interest in the World Wars 1and 2. I guess that is because whne we were young those wars were well imprinted  on our minds. WE had family involved in those wars. My Mom and Dad were British and still had family over there in Britain. That made it a very real topic of conversation around the dinner table in our home. My dad worked for Boeing.  He tried to sign up again, he had served 4 years in WW1, but they said he was too old. I was very happy he wasn't going to war again. 

As for our simple life here in beautiful Vancouver where the cherry trees are in bloom all over town we have such a wonderful life and are so fortunate to be living here.

Matthew came over this morning and did the vacuuming for us.It has become too hard for Ray as it did for me at one time. He is so good to us. He always stops for a visit after he is done with the vacuuming. I enjoy these visits.

Watching a show about gifted , high intelligence children. It reminds me of a teacher calling me to tell me what Adam's IQ was. Apparently it was quite high. All my boys were very intelligent. Their dad was too.  This show is so interesting and full of information about clever children.

That's it folks, have a great evening.

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