a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Friday, March 4, 2016

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Thank you to Jean and Buzz for commenting on yesterday's blog. It really pleases me to see comments.

I really need to get back to my quilting. Jean says she will if I will.

Today  Ray and I went out for lunch to Metrotown for Chinese food. It was okay but not nearly as good as Mr. Ho's which is the best Chinese food. We go there when we want to celebrate a bit.

After eating lunch we walked down the mall to Sears . I bought two tops, both orange which is the colour that is in vogue this spring. It is bright and cheerful and makes me happy. 

I really need to give my self a new manicure. No chips , but the colour does not keep up after  a bit of time. And it has been a bit of time. I put on an undercoat and one coat of colour. Since I do not do dishes , it is the water that ruins a manicure, my nail colour lasts quite a while. So ladies if you do not want your nail colour to chip and fade, Do Not Do Dishes LOL. Get your dear husband to do them. We have a dishwasher so neither of us needs to do dishes.
And if we have dishes to do Ray washes and I dry. Same thing, it keeps the nails in good shape. My beauty advice for today:>)

I had a short nap this afternoon after we got home from the mall and from walking a bit. Mostly though I read my latest book. It is by Nancy Bush who is a good writer. I enjoy her books. Since I am sitting in my chair with the laptop on my knees I won't go to the bedroom to check out the title.  It is enough that I remember the author don't you think?

And that is it for tonight folks. Have a good evening.

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