a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Saturday, March 26, 2016


No hi jinks today, just a lazy day. So that means nothing to say. I wonder why I have so little on my mind or is it because my mind is so little LOL. 

We went grocery shopping today. Ray shops , I read the magazine and if I find one I like then it goes in the shopping basket. But today there was not one I wanted to buy. Hopefully next week there will be something on the shelves that I like and want to buy. I truly like magazines and enjoy reading them. Some quilting magazines have great patterns in them. 

Ray is eating some bread with sandwich spread on it. He likes it but I don't care for sandwich spread, never have. My mom used to put that on sandwiches for us. I didn't care for it then either. Ray says Marg likes it, he and she must have discussed it at one time. I missed that conversation.

I am reading two books right now , something I seldom if ever do. One of them is Cold Case which I have mentioned before which I read while sitting in my favourite chair. The other is a novel that I read in bed while getting ready to sleep. It is by Iris Johansen, What Doesn't Kill You is the title.  She crafts a good story. I always enjoy her books and buy them when I am in the mood for buying. Marg and I trade books when we have read them.

That's is it for tonight, have a great evening.

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