a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Monday, March 7, 2016

what day is it

What day is it I asked myself several times today. Now I have to ask Ray as he always knows. Somehow he knows that today is Monday. I should know as Ray tells me I am sewing tomorrow and that is always a Tuesday. I am truly looking forward to tomorrow. Pat is picking me up. Today I did a bit of sewing work but had to put it away without accomplishing anything. I hope I will do better Tuesday. I'll let you know. Maybe I should go back to knitting. One thing about knitting there is a lot less material to cart around. Two knitting needles and pattern or four if I am knitting socks and a ball of yarn . But sewing requires a lot more, fabric, sewing kit, pattern, it just takes up more space in my bag. 
But still I plan to do some applique, more hearts as I want to make a bigger quilt for our great granddaughter in Quebec. I have some of it done already so it won't take as long to finish. 
It has been a bit chilly here in Vancouver, not cold like it is in other parts of the country but a bit colder than I like. Spoiled Vancouverites aren't we?  This is the best part of the country to live in I believe. Although I was born in Manitoba so should have some feeling for that province. However we came here to B.C. when I was six. My mom loved it here and so do I.  My dad was very happy here too. We never wanted to move although I spent two years in Halifax in 1960 or therebouts.

Today it rained quite a bit, I like that a regular readers will know. We went to the mall to see if we could find the candies I like but no luck. I like a couple of them when I go to bed. Actually I only eat one candy at night now. It is better for me and I can indulge a bit.

That is all folks. Have a great evening. 
                    Good night.

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