a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Sunday, March 27, 2016

toast time

Ray is making the evening toast. We still do what our parents did many years ago. We eat toast around 9:00 . Right now it is 8:47. Sometimes I forget that it is time for toast. But it is a nice evening treat before bed. Although I don't go to bed until much later than this. We watch TV and then when I go to bed I read for quite a while. I love to read in bed. I have one book for daytime and one for evening. One must have a book for all occasions LOL. Oh and don't forget the one for the bathroom too.

Today was Sunday if you have forgotten LOL.  It was a quiet day for us. I would like to go somewhere though, somewhere out of town. Ray does not want to go though so for now we stay home. He doesn't feel like driving and does not like to be somewhere without a car. Of course there is always rentals. I'll have to work on him some more but he is not easy to convince.
Of course in most parts of the country it is still winter but here Spring has sprung, the flowers are blooming and the trees are leafing. The birds are breaking branches off the tree outside are window to build their nests. Oh how beautiful it is in the Spring.

I am thinking of making a pile of half square triangles to put around the perimeter of the heart quilt I am making for Eve. I hope she gets it before she is running around the house. I had better get moving on it.

 We went down to the Crossings and had some lunch there today. I had a bowl of soup and a roll. I like the soup there. Then of course we went to London Drugs, you probably have noticed we go there often. Sometimes we buy and sometimes we so not. Today I found two books I wanted to buy and so I did. I also bought a small bag of mixed nuts. They were very good. I bought books, Ray bought dish soap and a vinegar bottle. Who is the sober, serious one in our home. I love my books though.

That is the blog for tonight folks. I am going to watch old reruns of Columbo.


Jean said...

HUH???? Even if you eat supper/dinner you still have toast at night ?? Also your "piece" of candy? Never heard you mention the toast before... What NO Easter Bunny ?
I ask Sam , "don't they celebrate Easter in Canada" ? He said if they are Christian they should .
I guess the Easter Bunny didn't visit at your house this year. I have to have a hard boiled dyed egg and a Hot Cross bun Easter morning.. One a penny, two a penny , Hot Cross buns.
Mom would not let us have Easter candy before we ate some breakfast. Hence , the egg and bun. LOL

Anonymous said...

Did I miss something ? Why a rental car ? Where is your vehicle ?