a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Please comment

This is my blog and I hope it goes through . Please someone let me now if you are able to read it.

We had a good day together even though Ray had to go to VGH (Vancouver General Hospital). We waited for a while to see the doctor. He is a nice young Chinese man. Ray likes him quite a bit. However he has to go to Burnaby hospital to get a MRI on his upper body. Ray has had cancer before and there are two little spots,  the doctor says it is nothing to worry about, but on general principles he wants to take an MRI of the spots. Ray does not worry or so he says but I always worry about him. I could not imagine life without him. I love him a lot and want him to be well. The hospital will phone him to come in for the tests.

After we got lost going around the city and finally ended up on 25th and Cambie where we could then find our way home. We were going to go to the White Spot but did not bother after the journey.
We came home after that and watched TV. I had a big nap. It was a good one. 
I am putting it out there that I plan to go back to my heart quilt and get it finished. For too long it has lingered on my sewing machine. I have been so lazy these days and have not sewed anything at all. I want to send it to our new great granddaughter in Quebec. I made quilts for her two little sisters and her mom wants one for her. 

That's all folks see you tomorrow. And I don't mind if you make a comment LOL.please comment


Anonymous said...

Hi Nan, if you get back to the sewing machine and quilt , I will also make an attempt to do the same.. :) Jean

Anonymous said...

Hi Nan

Received this okay. Good to see you back on your blog.