a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

blog tonight

Sad news about Rob Ford , the former mayor of Toronto. He was in his mid 40\s , too young to leave this world. RIP Rob.

As for us , I just called Bob and Buzz to confirm our date tomorrow and we are still on. That makes me happy.
Lots of rain today and the evening forecast is more rain. I am warm and comfortably installed in my comfy chair.
We did go out today despite the rain. That could never stop B.C.ers from going out. We went to see Dr. Browning seemingly for nothing. I dare not say I forget or people will be shaking their heads:>)
Then we went for lunch at TOPS. I had beef noodle soup, excellent! And then it was a veal cutlet for me and Ray had a delicious Caesar Salad. I had some of it and can pronounce that salad very worthwhile. The veal cutlet was also delicious. We were somewhat late for lunch so we did not have dinner tonight just  bit of a snack.
I took out the little quilt I am making for our great granddaughter Eve. I made each of her two sisters a quilt so must do the same for Eve. For some reason I did not get too far with it but perhaps tomorrow after lunch I can achieve something.I will keep you posted and maybe take a picture to add to the blog.
Bloggone done folks. Hugs

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