a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Thursday, March 24, 2016

A great time

Lunch with Bob and Buzz was great today. I forget what we ate but remember our lovely conversation. Bob made me laugh a couple of times. He can be funny, so can Ray who often makes me laugh. I had some books to take to Buzz but left them on the ledge at the door so I guess we need to meet again soon. Maybe I did that on purpose so we can meet sooner . What do you think?  Perhaps they can come over here to pick them up. That would be nice.
We came home right after we split up. 
I worked some more on the quilt for Eve; still more to do though.
But it should be finished soon if not sooner LOL.  It needs one more border and then backing and batting. Oh yes quilting. Hmm still lots to do. The quilt pattern is red appliqued hearts. Bright and cheerful for a child.

I have to do my nails tonight, they are looking rough. Polish is coming off. Thank goodness it is clear so not too noticeable. I like my nails to look good. Betty compliments me on my hands, says they always look nice. Thank you Betty.

I have been reading the Cold Case book that Marg lent me. It is fascinating as I am recalling some of the cases from when I was young. There is still lots to read in this book but I am enjoying it.

I heard on TV that there have been storms in Lake Charles where Adam lives. I tried calling but there was no answer. I hope all is well and the storm did not cause them any damage. Lake Charles does not often make our news broadcasts. Actually this is the first time that I can recall.

On that note I'll bid you all good night. 

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