a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Super Tuesday

Thank you Jean for the comment. I will say hello to Adam. We are watching Super Tuesday. Interesting. All three of us are political junkies. So back to the TV folks. Have a great evening.

Well I am back and ready to write for a bit about my day.
We had a busy day that ended with us meeting Sam at the Keg for dinner. It was a lovely time . the food was great. I had a 10 oz. the smallest size of Prime Rib on the menu. It came with a baked potato with all the trimmings. Delicious!!! Then we ordered a slice of ice cream which we all dived in to eat. Another delicious!!
We sat and chatted for a while , Sam Adam Ray and me were all chatting. We had not seen Sam since December so it was good, really good to see him again. He said we would get together for my birthday next month. I look forward to that.  Adam graciously picked up the bill for all our meals. He is a wonderful guy and I have been fortunate that he is my son. 
Tomorrow he is leaving to go to Calgary to visit with his brother Richard.
I seem to forget things a lot lately. That worries me, I hope it is just normal old age and not anything more serious. 
Ray and I went to the doctor today to get some prescriptions renewed. We had taken them in to the pharmacy which is what we usually do and they call it in to the doctor. But this time the doctor called us in to the office. He did not explain why just renewed them. This time they filled them.
This morning Adam went for his long walk and had his breakfast at IHOP, then walked home. I never go to IHOP for breakfast but would love to go there. We usually go there at lunchtime for lunch but not breakfast.
I found another beautiful top in my closet. It was one I did not know I had, another lovely surprise. This happens to me a lot. I go to my closet and find a piece of clothing , a brand new piece, that I did not know was there. No memory of buying it, just magic.

So my day was great, new top, dinner out. seeing Sam again.Great day.
And a nice evening too. All in all a successful day. So off now for the night.I am going to bed soon to read my book. Good night.

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