a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Sunday, March 6, 2016

do you get this blog?

Ah Sunday and today is the Iditerod up in Alaska. The dogs have pretty coloured booties on , that amused me greatly but it certainly seems to be practical. It keeps the feet warm.

We have had a couple of cold days here. Not really cold it you live in the East but certainly chilly for us 
weaklings. We don't remember to dress according to the weather. It is warm in the apartment so we think it it is warm outside. I have been caught on that several times. Silly of me!

We did go out for a bit to Safeway for a prescription and some OTC items. Then we sat there at the small cafe in Safeway for a coffee and a bit of cake. I love cake, maybe that is why I am on the  chubby side I don't eat it a lot and never make it, so that is a bit of self control.

I did not sew today Jean but I have been knitting my wash cloths since I gave  Adam a few as he and Lisa use them for the dishes. I need to up my stash, so I knit. I have been thinking about doing a bit of crochet. I found a pattern on the net for a baby blanket, but probably have lost it by now. I was not sure how to save it.

I have lost my mail for some reason and cannot get in touch with some of my internet friends. I am not happy about that. Must go and look for it.
That is all for tonight folks. Have a lovely evening.

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