a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

what day is it?

When you are retired you lose track of the days more easily. I have lost days this week and still am not sure what day we are on. Good thing I have a calendar with dates on it so I am able to orient myself in the week. I will look at it now and I think it is Tuesday. Hope so or I'll miss my appointments for this week.

Today was another simple easy day. We did go out for a bit at the Crossings, had coffee and doughnut at Timmy's. Then we went to London drugs, I bought a book 'After She's Gone ' by Lisa Jackson. She is a good writer , both Marg and I like her writings. So I look forward to another great read. Then it goes to Marg.

After coming home I spent time on my laptop doing a bit of writing. Then I hard boiled 6 eggs, sliced them up and added mayonnaise and a bit of mustard and a drop of tabasco sauce. They were ready for sandwiches which we had for dinner. Excellent and very tasty.

I see in the news that there are huge floods in Louisiana mostly around Baton Rouge. But anyway I called Adam in Lake Charles to see if he and Lisa had been affected. But he assured me they were on higher ground despite having a small lake at the back of their property which backs on to a golf course. That was a relief for us.

We have an air conditioner unit. It is wonderful in the hot weather we have had recently. It makes our apartment very comfortable.  For $300 it has given us great relief from the heat. This apartment gets the afternoon sun and when we were without AC it was dreadful. But now it is lovely. I do not take the heat well so it was a great investment for us.

Still knitting, am up two more cloths. I must get busy and start counting how many cloths  I have finished.  I have discovered a new way to use them. I put one in the right end of my laptop to rest my wrist on when I am typing. Then my wrist doesn't get sore from rubbing on the edge of the laptop.

That is all folks, have a lovely evening.

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