a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Thursday, August 4, 2016


We went to a meeting tonight for the strata council. They need more money $5000 each unit for the building membrane. The building is now 35 years old and needs repairs. Our budget needs repairs too LOL.
We sat with my sister Margaret and our neighbour Linda. It was nice to see the ladies.
Today we went to Safeway , then to lunch at A&W where we shared a hamburger. All was good.

When we came home we did nothing. I wish there were a lot more to do some days. At least it would give me something interesting to do. But we take what we can and don't complain much about things. I did a bit of knitting on my dishcloths. My pile is growing a bit now. I like to get them piled up and then give them away. I love the colours of the yarns, they are so pretty.

Tonight we are watching TV like the rest of the world. It is so pleasant to do so in the evening. We relax and watch the world go by on the screen. Except Ray is watching a football game and that does not interest me much. However I get my turn later. We have to give and take.   Rick loves to watch football too and this game is between Calgary and Saskatchewan. Rick lives in Calgary so he will be rooting for the home team. I can hear him now, he gets very excited about the game.
And that is it.
Have a lovely evening everyone.

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hi nan, I did send you an email.jean