a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Monday, August 15, 2016


What did I do today? It's anyone's guess. I think I went out for a while but am not certain. I asked Ray and he said yes. We went to the bank to straighten out my credit card and get some money out. Then we had lunch at IHOP across from the bank. I had an egg and toast, Ray had pancakes. That was it except for coffee each.

After that we came back home and I had a snooze. I seem to need a nap these days.  Is it old age? Do you think? I think so. I remember my dad snoozing in the afternoon when he was in his 80s. My dear dad was so kind, my beloved mom was such a good mother. I was lucky. I did not give my boys such a good start to their life and I am sorry for that. 
My sons are all wonderful and forgive me much. Thanks boys.

All we did when we got home was relax and watch TV. I did some more knitting on my cloths. Adam took some of my cloths back to Louisiana with him for Lisa , his wife, and for some friends. I hope his friends enjoy using them.  My pile is growing again. I like to pile them up so I can give them away whenever I want to.

Tonight we are watching Forensic Files. I like that show.
I have very little to say again tonight. 

I tried to call Rick tonight but he was on his way out to Trivia. He is so smart and has the answers to the trivia questions. All my sons are very smart. 

Have a great evening folks.  

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Richard McBride said...

Mom, you gave us a great start. You should be proud of what you did, and what you have done. I am very proud of you.