a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Saturday, August 20, 2016


Saturday is grocery shopping for us. When we worked it was Saturday . We thought it might change when we retired but no, it remained the same, Saturday. Old habits die hard.

Dinner tonight was at TOPS, it is closing next week and will I ever miss going there. It has been a constant in my life for a long time. 45 years I think. I hope to go one more time. The owner is very sad, his wife says he cries every night. The family will be going back to Greece. It will be a huge change for them.  He was not there tonight, too painful to say good bye to all his customer / friends. 

I don't know where we will go now. There are lots of restaurants of course but none quite like TOPS. It is a family affair and so welcoming. 
Maybe he will keep a pied a terre here. I was told he would keep one of his houses here . I hope he opens another restaurant but the is highly unlikely.

I did very little today other than knit a bit. Hey that sounds like a good title for a blog LOL. Tomorrow we'll tackle the laundry and whatever housework we need to get done before the cleaning laady comes this week LOL. A classic, clean up first before the cleaner comes.

Tomorrow I have to get busy with my sewing. I have been so lazy lately about my sewing. There is not a lot to do so I'd better get busy.

I bought a HELLO magazine  today, not something i usually do. Actually it is a rare occasion when I indulge in this magazine. But it tempted me with an article of Hugh Grant, one of my favourite stars, so I purchased it. I did enjoy reading it. 

I talked to Rick today. He is all alone right now. I hope things pick up for him soon. I wish he lived here or we lived there so we could be of some help to him. Katherine his daughter is there in Calgary though and helps him a lot. Praise God for her being there. She is a treasure.

And that is all for tonight folks. Have a gorgeous evening wherever you are. It is beautiful here. Good evening.

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