a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Friday, August 26, 2016

Today is Friday

Yes today is Friday the end of the working week. The start of the weekend. Very important day when you are working , a day of rest tomorrow and the end of the week. A great day!

Ray and I were out today and visited Tim's for a coffee and a doughnut. We shared the doughnut ans also the coffee. We are light eaters and so share almost everything we order. In the restaurant they  split the order and serve it on two plates. That is service. TOPS is closing on Sunday. Too bad for me as I like it there and we go often. 

We stopped in at Safeway for a few items and had a coffee there.

Slow day folks not much to report, It has been hot again but not quite as hot as yesterday.  And it is supposed to rain later in the week.

The government has announced an increase in ICBC rates. ICBC is our government insurance for automobiles and other things. It is mandatory as it is the only insurance agent. The government has its hooks in and there is no way out. Blah!! Ray says there are other insurance agents but they can only insure what the government allows. I am not sure on this statement so could be wrong here but I think it is right.

I have made a start on my pile of cloths with five completed and a sixth begun.  I would like to knit a sweater for one of the great granddaughters. I need to find a pattern. We went to Michaels today to look for one but did not have any luck. I'll check out the patterns I have and see if there I one I can use. I think I can make one up , my mom used to make up her patterns. She was clever that way. I miss her some days. 

And that is the end!! Have a great evening.

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Jean said...

A sweater ? What about finishing the quilt for the grandchild (great) before she starts school. LOL