a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Monday, August 22, 2016


 I played around with my yarns and knitting, finished two cloths to add to my pile.  I will start a third one tonight. My pile will grow then and it will be respectable for a change. No need to worry about not enough cloths.

And knitting is mostly what I did today. Although we did go out to the Crossings for bread. We had coffee at TIM'S and went in to London Drugs. We just bought a package of garbage bags at London Drugs. That is what we did today. Just about nothing.

At home I knit as I said in my first paragraph.  So it was a lazy kind of day.

I did not even hear from Richard and we usually talk every day. It is 8 :50 so 9:50 in Calgary and I won't call him as I might disturb him at this hour. I'll call him tomorrow. I have nothing on my calendar tomorrow.

We are watching Murdoch tonight. It is a Canadian production ,we both enjoy watching it. Murdoch is a detective and solves many cases on this show. But in this show he and his wife plan to adopt a child they found.  Nice but we know it is not quite that easy in real life. There are hoops to jump through to adopt a child.
Not that I know personally as I never had to adopt. I had five natural sons. Lucky me!

So here I go , it is late and I am tired. Have a great evening folks.

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