a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

warm day

Another lovely day in Vancouver.  Our weather continues to be gorgeous these days. And that's the weather report LOL.
We have not had much rain lately, we sure need some.

Matthew took Ray all the way downtown to St. Paul's hospital for his check up on the hernia surgery. And all is well. Thank you Lord for that. I stayed home and had a nice nap. I like to do that when I am left alone. It is so peaceful here , the sun was shining in the windows, it was a bit warm but not too hot and very quiet. A good time for a nap.

So now Ray is having a nap and I am writing the blog. Ray is cooking sausages for dinner tonight. I wonder what else he will cook up. He is a great cook. But even I can cook sausages .

I wonder what to write about today. I must put on my thinking cap as my dear old dad used to say. Dad was an Englishman and had some old English things he used to say-different from what we say.

My mom was a Scot and had her own sayings. It has been a long time since they passed on but I still miss them . Parents are such a huge influence on a child, the only influence for the formative years. I was fortunate to have had great parents.

And that is all folks. Have a lovely evening.

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