a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Tuesday, August 23, 2016


We had dinner at TOPS tonight. They are closing on Sunday and we will miss the family and the restaurant. I want to go one more time before it is over. I have been going there since the mid 1970s so it is a long association. I think the family is going back to Greece. So many times in life you cannot go back only forward so I hope it works for them. 
As for the rest of the day we stayed in and I continued to knit my cloths. 
Tonight is just for resting and computing. I like to do my computer in the evening when it is quiet.

It is a lovely evening again tonight. We have been so fortunate with the beautiful weather we have been experiencing.

Nothing unusual happening here tonight. I did give Rick a call but he was busy making his dinner. He is a good cook. All my sons are good cooks, they did not take after me. I do not like cooking. Their dad was creative in the kitchen and Ray was a fabulous cook in his day. My dad was a good cook too.  Now we don't really care for the work of cooking.
However we do like the work of eating LOL.

So another quiet evening for us,Ray is watching TV and I am computing.

Marg was over this afternoon for a visit and she brought me a couple of books to read.  I did buy two books when we stopped at the bookstore today. So now I have several books to read. I like having a feast of books in my room. I am uncomfortable when I am down to a couple of books. 

That's my day friends. Have a lovely evening. It is beautiful here.

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