a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Monday, August 8, 2016


My memory is really getting bad. I guess it is getting old and worn like the rest of me. I can't remember if I wished Rick a happy birthday in July or Peter too as he is in July as well. This is too, too bad.

Today though I do remember what I did. We went to the bakery for bread and had a coffee. That was it. Slow day eh!We spent the day watching TV and the evening too. I need to get busy and do some sewing. I have a quilt to finish.

I am thinking of taking down my big computer, I never use it any more, I just use my laptop for writing and reading. Email just piles up on the big one. I must ask Matthew if he can stop the mail from coming in on it. He is pretty good at the computer. Smart guy!! All my boys are very clever. I am fortunate that they are and I am so proud of all five of them. God blessed me when He gave me these five sons. Thank you Lord.

As for today We did not do much of anything. We did go out for a bit and went to the Crossings for a coffee. We love coffee. 
I like the Crossings where we can do several of our favourite places. Some of them are White Spot, London Drugs, Mark's Warehouse and Tim Horton's. So you see it is a good place for us to go. 

When we got home I just did a bit of knitting on my dishcloths to build up my pile. Today I worked on yellow ones. But did start to do an orange one. I love the colours of the yarns.

That is all for today folks. Have a great evening.

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