a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Sunday, August 7, 2016


Imagine of you could do whatever in the world you wanted. I have very simple wants and I can do them if I feel like it. But when I was young it was a much different story.  Then my desires were tempered with the restraints of money and permission. Without permission from my parents and money from them I was stuck. Then I had children and my wants changed significantly , all pertaining to my five sons. Now in old age I just want to have a safe and longer life , to enjoy my family . That is mostly it. I have no wants that I cannot achieve easily. Life is good.

Today was a quiet day. Except that Ray had a cap come off of one of his teeth and had to go to the dentist to have it repaired. I did not go out today. I did some more knitting, working with some lovely yellow yarn. Yellow is such a cheerful colour to work with I love it.

I didn't even read, but I will tonight when it is time to go to bed. My book is waiting for me. Sycamore Row is the title. I take so long to read a book now as I only read when I go to bed and if I am too tired I fall asleep. I used to read three books a week , now I read one book in three weeks. Dreadful isn't it.

Do you ever eat head cheese? Ray and I both love it and buy it regularly. I just had a slice, so tasty.

The coffee is ready for tomorrow morning. Ray always sets it up at night so all we have to do is flick the switch when we get up. That takes care of breakfast or the start of breakfast.

That is all folks for tonight. Have a great evening.

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