a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Tuesday, August 9, 2016


Now that I am here I can't remember what I wanted to say. My memory is fading fast!!! LOL

Today we just stayed home and did nothing. We nearly went out but changed out minds. It was good though.

Tonight is just another quiet evening at home watching TV, reading a bit, having some toast and a  bottle of water. I have to drink lots of water. 
I have a very sore eye, the left one. No reason that I know of but it sure hurts. I hope it is better tomorrow. Not only does it hurt but it is hard to see clearly. If it doesn't get better by tomorrow I'll call the eye doctor for an appointment. However a good night sleep usually 
fixes everything. My right eye does not see well so I rely on the left one

I am knitting a solid orange dishcloth. It is such a vibrant colour. I like it. Actually I love most colours except some browns. Brown is not one of the colours I love. Some people love brown but not me.

It is such a quiet day that I have nothing to talk about. When nothing happens the day is not very interesting. I did talk to Rick for a very short comversation. I had a note from Adam and a call from Jim and that was it for the day.  Tomorrow we'll go out for a while. What is tomorrow?  I think it is Wednesday, no that's today. Tomorrow is Thursday. We had an appointment with Dr. Dilli but Ray cancelled because Dr. Browning said he would not bother with it so we won't either.

And that is all folks. Have a great evening.

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