a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Friday, August 12, 2016


I started my knitting and then realized I had not done my blog. So I put down my knitting and opened my laptop.

It is evening and a beautiful one at that.  If we had a porch instead of a roof deck it would be lovely to sit out of an evening.  However it is nice enough indoors.  And we can watch TV. We are watching Longmire one of our favourite shows. It's about a local sheriff and the issues he has in his territory. Good show.

Today we went to see the eye doctor . I do not like the feeling of sightlessness that the drops he puts in my eyes give me. It takes quite  a while for my eyes to return to normal.  While we were there I ran into two of my mothers. I call them that because they are the moms of boys I have taught. We have always kept up and had a nice relationship.  So we had a good chat while waiting to go into the office. I was happy to see them.

Ray and I went into the mall for a bit of lunch. I had a chickenburger and root beer. I do not usually have chickenburgers but that one at A&W was very good. I will try one again.

Then we had to go to the bank to straighten something up but we have to go back again. It is still not right.  So that is tomorrow's job.

I have to get busy and sew in all the tag ends of wool that occur when knitting. It is a job I do not like so I put it off. Well actually I have a plan. I knit for four nights and rack up at least four cloths and on the fifth night I sew in the ends of all the ones I knitted. Or is that knat> LOL

For dinner we had salmon sandwiches. Ray made them and served them with dill pickles.. They we delicious as is everything he makes. He has such style.

Have a great evening folks. I hope it is a beautiful wherever you are as it is here where I am.

  • Good evening all.

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