a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Thursday, August 18, 2016


Tonight I do not feel like writing. So take it easy folks and relax. I am very tired and don't have much to say.

It was a lovely day today. The sun shone , it was warm and very pleasant. We didn't actually do much of anything. We met Bob and Buzz for a bit of lunch up at the mall. It was a very nice visit. Old friends are just the best I think. They stood up for us when we got married . We have been fortunate to have them as friends. 

Ray just brought me a glass of V8 juice. It is very refreshing and  tasty.  He spoils me. What a great guy he is.

After we met for lunch we just came home and I had a short nap. 

We did not have very much for dinner, it is very hot today so we did not feel much like eating anything , just had a light snack.

I just had a few potato chips this evening. 

I had a nice talk on  the phone this evening with a dear friend.
And that is the day for me.  I hope you had a lovely evening.

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