a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Sunday, November 28, 2010

At home

Doesn't that sound important :)) We stayed home all day. The Grey Cup football final is on TV . What true Canadian can miss that one LOL. The teams look pretty even to me and so they should be after all the other teams have been eliminated.
I spent the afternoon sewing once again. I really didn't feel like doing anything but I make myself get up and start to sew. Once I get started I set a goal and try to meet that goal. For me the goals are really not too hard to meet as I set them pretty low. haha....But I got another row of the skins done and sewed the two rows I did yesterday to the previous 4 rows and added another strip to the bottom of the 6 rows so it is ready for the next two rows. Did you get that :))) Kind of convoluted isn't it?
I had a few nice phone calls today. I called Tom, my son Jim's room mate to see how he was getting along. He had open heart surgery and was in the hospital for two weeks. He has not been out for long, but he said he was pretty good. We had a nice converstaion, he sings in the local opera company and wants to be in good shape for the next show which starts reherasal early in January. My son Rick just happened to be visiting his brother and I was able to talk to him for a while before he took off for Calgary. The my son Adam wrote and asked me to call him because I have the Shaw phone system and have unlimited free calls to anywhere in Canada and the States. I picked that one up when Shaw first brought in their phone systems. It has been good for us as we have family all over Canada and friends and family in the states. So if you want to hear from me just send me your phone number. I'll be calling soon Jean LOL.
I have just been going through my photos , It is such fun to look back and see what we have done. I think I'll add some of them to today's blog but first I need to check and see if they have been used at all.  These are from my files so I may have shown some before but don't think so. If I can't remember I'll bet  you can't either LOL.

Kathy's Christmas  hot pad.
We both took this class, Kathy finished , I didn't. I need to get back to it but can't seem to remember what to do. I have instructions so maybe that will jog my brain.  It is a Hoop Sisters design so it is all done in the hoop.
Thanks Kathy!!
I really like this picture that was taken in the summer, Adam,Lisa,Nan,Ray

From the quilt guild meeting in November, the colours are gorgeous.
We had sauerkraut and sausage for dnner tonight, it was delicious. Isn't everything delicious when someone else cooks it. Thank you Ray :)) Good guy tonight!
Ray mentioned that I needed to knit some more dishcloths as the ones in the kitchen had holes in them . I surprised him as I had some stored away . But my pile is getting a bit low and after I finish Ione's socks I'll do another pile of dishcloths. Of course I need to start Ione's socks first. LOL.
That's it folks. Have a good evening.
Ina ini.

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