a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

unusual dinner

My dinner was different . A can of sardines sprinkled with vinegar, shredded cabbage dressed in vinegar and olive oil andcucmber drenched in vinegar and lightly salted. Oh and yes it was delicious. Can you tell which kind of potato chips are my favourites. I love salt and vinegar despite the fact that it peels the skin off my mouth UGH!
We tripped the light fantastic at the mall this morning for exercise, I took a couple of photos, one is so cute even though the camera work is not good-once again the lighting did not work for me.  However you can see the subject  if not well then reasonable.

The little guy trying to pet the puppy throught the window. Too bad the picture is bad but it was a Kodak moment!!
We strolled through the  new seasonal calendar store . It is amazing how many subjects are printed on calendars and that is just the decent ones. No naughty pictures in the Calendar Shop :)

The mall at noon, everyone is eating haha.

Hydrangea....We found this beauty in a pot behind a kiosk, it is even more beautiful in reality but still the colour is spectacular.

This was a sign on a Japanese restaurant entrance. It appealed to my quilter's eye.

For lunch I had a small bowl of chili with a bun and coffee. What's up with me tonight talking about my daily menu, but it was healthy LOL.
Ray had an appointment at Vancouver General  Hospital with his new rheumatologist soon to become his old rheumatoligist. His favourite one moved to Kelowna and he was assigned to the new one who is now moving to Calgary. I wonder what it is about Ray that his doctors leave town. haha.
We went to the library so that I could replenish my supply of reading material.
I meant to finish the snowflake we did last night but once again I was too busy to do anything creative.
I am hoping to stay home tomorrow and do some quilting and embroidery.
Have a good evening folks.
Hai  !

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Anonymous said...

No,can't imagine you staying in today.. I BET you and Ray head OUT somewhere. As far as the vinegar thing, I am the same way. I have to try vinegar on sardines, sound good to me. Love salt and vinegar potato chips too.
Didn't quite know what to make of the "We tripped the light fantastic at the mall...."
What are you saying ????
Also you do know that the pot of flowers are Poinsettias sprayed with blue paint. Are you trying to keep us on our toes ? Love, Jean