a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Thursday, November 18, 2010

sewed today

I did stay home this morning and got down to business-the business of working on that snowflake with the Heat Away stabilizer. It took forever to get rid of the stabilizer and it didn't completely go away. I used a toothbrush to sweep away the little bits but in the end they were still there. Then the snowflake was way too soft and needed to be sewn up the middle. I still was not happy with it and and unhappy with the time it took. So I personally would not recommend Heat Away for FSL. But I would use the regular water soluble ,2 layers to make it if I wanted to do it again.

the snowflake parts on stabilizer.

Here it is with the toothbrush  brush out , very messy.

Close up.Pictures of a failure LOL
After a bit of lunch I began the animal skins laptop quilt for Ray. I cut  1" strips  for the sides and also the crossways strips. It was kind of fun putting them together and I got two rows done. It sure was a good thing that I had arranged the squares in rows and marked the rows so that the first row and second row went together correctly.  I noticed that it was important to make sure the strips going vertically matched up on each row. At first I thought I just had to run the the horizontal strip across between the rows but it was not to be because the vertical strips had to match up so that they looked like even rows.  I'll add the pictures of the quilt parts tomorrow after hopefully accomplishing two more rows. I will need two hours to do that.
Then I had an appointment with the doctor for prescription renewals , at 2:30 I finished sewing .
After the appointment which was fun as the doctor told me she was starting a Log Cabin quilt and we talked about that. She is not a quilter so this was her first attempt at piecing. I told her how to make sure she cut on the grain and a few other things.
So that was my day, hope yours was successful.  Good evening.
Bon Nuit.

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