a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Saturday, November 27, 2010

catching up

I did some sewing today so now I have 6 rows of this quilt done but rows 5 and 6 need to be added to the first four rows.
2 rows  made today

isn't he beautiful

Angie the layout.

and the finished quilt design
The sewing took me all afternoon but it was worth it. I alwasy have trouble keeping a good quarter inch andhave to ensew often. The cloth seems to slip away from me, but that was okay, at least I got it done. My goal that is, which was two rows of the quilt. Only four more to go. This is a pretty fast type of quilt. I took photos of the process but decided not to put them up.
We went grocery shopping. Ray does the shopping and I took photosofhom pushing the cart but it was on the phone and so far I haven't been able to get them to my computer. I think I'll buy a cable to do that. So there is something to look forward to.  In my webshots there is an album, Man's Work Is Never Done, in which you can see all that he does.
I am done for the night so have a great evening.
Buenos Noches


Diana Davis said...

Not sure about your phone but I have to email mine to myself. Only way to get them off my phone! :^(

I like the look of that quilt and may just have to make one myself!

ANudge said...

Thanks, Nan - I'm seriously thinking about using this pattern for my fabric win - I'll have to see how many squares I can get out of it.