a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Shock and awe

Some days just start with a surprise and this is one of them. I was walking down the hall to the elevator when upon turning the corner in the window at the end of the hall appeared the face of a handsome young man with a huge smile on his face. I was stunned!!!! Explanation, He was cleaning the eaves and he was smiling because he saw the look on my face of shock and awe.
Today I took a few photos of the groups I attend on Tuesdays. First group: Kerridale Quilters  often referred to as Tuesday Group.
Heather's ducklings but that is not Heather seated it is Wendy.

Next two photos are a class of  table runners that Nancy gave, there are three sizes, small, medium and latge. All are beautiufl and showcase  a variety of fabrics.

Busy beeing away every Tuesday.

Whoops how did they get in there :))) 

Diane's lovely hexagons . I took another photo but for some reason it missed the mark. Sometimes the pictures don't take.
Second group. Community Quilters or Pumpkin Seeds who make quilts for those in need of warm comfort.

12 days of Christmas embroidered by Lynn and given to Ione.

Picture #2, three is to come but wait until tomorrow.

The three wise women sewing down binding, taking place in the family room at Mary Alice's home..

Lynn and Jocelyn  machining. Hand sewing and machine sewing go on in this room.

In the kitchen/dinette area and more machine sewing happening. Next week I'll take photos of the work that goes on in the basement where the cutting and layering of the quilts happens. 
Third group at Betty's where we go for tea.

Lovey African piece that Juliette bought on her trip to South Africa.

This piece also from Africa is made from dried tea bags and painted.
So went the day, I ate my way from one place to the next.
Hash browns with coffee  when I met Pat, then cake by
Nancy at Tuesday Group, lunch made by Ray ,sandwiches and cakes at Betty's and then dinner which Ray made, steak, mushrooms, baked potato and carrots. This has to stop. I'll get from pleasantly plump to much worse LOL, plus I am stuffed..
A good day for me, hope you all had a good one too.
Bon Soir.


Patti said...

Enjoyed all the 'fun' pics and beautiful projects you Girls stitched~! Love the 12 Days designs ~ they're different from all others l've seen. Would it be allowed to share the site they came from? lf not l understand. Thanks ~ Have a good night~ :) ~Patti

lulu said...

Patti, The embroidery designs 12 days are from Emblibrary.com