a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Monday, November 29, 2010

a dangerous place to hang out

That would be the bathroom in my opinion LOL. This week I have cut my finger on a snap lid that bled for three days, not heavy bleeding but it wouldn't stop for long, caught my arthritic toe on the lip of the tub and  caught my finger between the shower doors as I slid them back. GRRR..... So you see it is a minefield in there :))
As for my day it didn't start out too well as I woke up with an upset stomach but that moved on quickly , just like the weather . After a while I felt good enough to go out, oooh this sounds like the blog of a hypochondriac, I must stop that.  Who wants to hear it.
We went up to buy some birthday cards for Lynn and Jack, Ray's childre. Lynn's birthday is the same day as Ray's the 3rd and Jack's is the 11th. I wanted to go to Telus and ask how to download my cell photos to the computer and the man told me that my cell did not allow for that.  Then what good is it I asked him. He said it is just for fun but there is no end result. What a disappointment that was. I have to buy a more expensive cell phone  to take
 pictures.  I'll just have to remember my camera LOL.

Telus store window ,the latest of their fabulous commercials. This one with the cats is delightful and is a take on the Brady Bunch where the two families joined in marriage with 3 kids on either side. Whoever does these Telus commercials is a genius IMHO.

Christmas at the mall with changing colours on the angel,  it is so pretty.
We didn't do much else there so we came home and I began sewing on my quilt. I am almost down to the last 2 rows on the Skins quilt. I did rows 7 and 8 today .Actually I did some chain piecing, I don't usually do that but today thought it would be a good day to try it out. It worked well  and I think I'll do it again on the next two rows.   So if it snows tomorrow as the weather lady says it might then I won't go out , just stay home and sew. My car is not happy in the snow even though I have snow tires. It is light in the back end and the wheels just spin for a while. I know I can add weight to the trunk but frankly I do not like driving on snowy roads and many of the street that I travel on Tuesdays are not cleared. So snow is out :))
One last thing before I go, my socks are finished Ione and I will start yours tonight. No picture yet but tomorrow I'll put it up.
So have a good night folks.
Bon soir!

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ANudge said...

Your skins game quilt is looking good. Are you giving this as a prsent or for your tv room. Where did you find all that different "Skin fabric"?

Stay out of bathrooms!