a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

forgot my camera

I left the camera at home again today but I think I'll let you in on the quilt I am making. I call it The Skins Game and not it is not about golf LOL.  I worked on it a few hours this afternoon, setting the long strips and making another row which I plan to put on to the other four rows tonight.

We were just sitting down to dinner and the power went off , so it was a rush to light the candles so that we could at least eat dinner while it was hot. It was just out for about 20 minutes but everything in the apartment is electric so that means the heat is off and we have had the coldest weather in years so that is a bit of a worry. But all is well and we got the phone reset with messages and time and day as this phone is also electric so it went out too. And wouldn't you know it my cell was in need of a boost. I rarely use it and it is often down to one bar because I just look around in the phone to see how it works and that all takes up bars.  I am so bad about charging it up, even Ray remembers to tell me to do it . We were really isolated there for a little bit. No I am not complaining just explaining. But good news my laptop was working as I always have it wired in so the battery was on full power.
We went to a store on Fraser St. to look for another set of Corning Ware but they didn't have quite what we wanted so we'll look elsehwhere. Ray broke a piece of the set we have now but they must have stopped making that size and it was just the right size for when he makes scalloped potatoes.
The store was close to a sewing machine store, Mason's, so we went in there to look. Of course! They sell Elnas and some of the machines looked so lovely. Also they had that wonerful serger that threads the needles automatically. It is wonderful to watch :)) I have no need for a serger as I do not sew but it is a fabulous machine.
Ray had to pick up a prescription , I asked him what it was and he said that yellow one. HELLO!! I know what that one is. Good thing the pharmacy works on a better system than we do ....
It is supposed to snow again tonight or early morning. It will mess up the morning rush hour. I am so glad we don't have to brave that any more. This retirement has a great many benefits besides pensions haha!!
Time to get to work folks.
Have a lovely evening.
Lalani kahli.. think Africa :))
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Diana Davis said...

Nice work as usual, Nan!! You sure are a busy lady!!