a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

a bit late

I am a bit late tonight got wrapped up in other things.
Today was the coldest November in Vancouver ever and today was my Sam's birthday.
But back to the cold, I got into my car this morning to goooo and meet Pat. For the 20 minute drive I almost froze because my heater took it upon itself to not work. COLD was the order of the day.  I tried to turn it on aseveral times with no luck. When I got to Oakridge I could not see Pat and she is always there ahead of me. I called her on the cell and she answered saying she was in the mall. We ordered our Starbucks coffee and had our Tuesday morning gossip , well we talk about quilting if that can be called gossip LOL.
I took my knitting to the sewing group because I have cold feet and want to get that second sock done. Then I can start on a pair for Ione.
Betty Lu  bought a house in Maine near the ocean and she was saying we could have a retreat there. Oh my would I love that, it would be so much fun. I really like the east coast-spent some time there when my son was living in Delaware  and grew to love it. Mind you I did not go there in the cold weather.
At Community Quilts Juliet who has been on a wonderful trip to South Africa with side trips into other countries showed us the beautiful fabrics she bought there . I took a photo of one fabric square that is from Zimbabwe. It particularly appealed to me. The center of the piece is quail I think, it looks like Quail to me. The colours are fabulous.
I took two pictures but for some unknown reason it says server rejected this photo. Never had that happen before. Too bad as it is a beautiful piece. I'll try and fool around with it after this blog is finished.
Will you look at that, there is more than one way to skin a cat :))
Photo on the side. I just went back and added this one to the blog.

Sharon invited a few of us over to her new apartment for tea. It was lovely and she had decorated her apartment with all her gorgeous quilts. And again I was so involved in the conversation that I did not get any pictures. My head is in a fog these days. The discussion seemed to centre around arhtritis as one of the ladies had been to the arthritis society for a badly swollen knee. Of course we , as ladies of a certain age, all have had bouts of  arthritis at one point or another so we enjoyed the talk LOL.
Sharon served lovely tea in beautiful China teacups and saucers accompanied by delicious petit fours. I had a tart and a piece of chocolate cake along with my tea. Also notice that of the 6 women there I was the only one left who had a husband. I am a most blessed woman.
After I was on my way home I tried the heater again with no luck and then half way home the darned thing decided it was willing to work so I had a bit of heat for a small stretch of time. I ran into a traffic light on Marine Way at Main Street that was not working. That made for a large back up but eventually I got through and the road was a straightaway from then on :)
Another great Tuesday!!
Keep warm folks.
Dobri noce.

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