a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Sunday, November 21, 2010

shmoozing at home

We stayed in all day, well at least I did. Ray went to the bakery for bread. I stayed at home to sew. And sew I did, on the animal skins quilt. I spent all afternoon on it . I think it was nearly 4 hours sewing on the 1 inch strips to the sides of each of 10 squares . I did 2 rows and sewed the two rows together with a 1 inch strip between each row. It took some time to do  the centre strip because I had to match up with each row of blocks with the posts on the block above. But it is done and I am happy with it. Now there are four rows completed out of 10 rows. Who says it is quick to do just squares, not in my opinion. I often wonder  about people who claim to get several tops done in a day. I have heard that believe me but I cannot see how that can be possible. Maybe I am just way too slow.
Ray made Vegetable Soup today . When he had finished the soup and it was just burbling away on the stove he called me into the kitchen. Take a picture of that Nan and put it up on your blog. It is so beautiful it could go in a cookbook .I laughed but he is right, it belongs in a cookbook. And it was good to eat too!
Looks good doesn't it.

A close up! See it boil and bubble .
Designed by Raymond!  haha.
Now snow today but the forecast is for piercing cold, I don't care for  the cold ,   the good thing is  I have boots and a heavy coat which I bought for Quebec in December 2 years ago and haven't  worn since. We have to go out tomorrow so I'll need those clothes. I feel so sorry for street people when it is really cold.  What on earth do they do, I hope there are enough shelters to accomodate them.
Whoops I see the size of my font changed back to small. That happens when I add the photos and I forget to change the font back to large so I can read it.
I am reading a book called The Red Door. It takes place after WW1 and many events are related to the War. But this is a murder mystery with the detective being a veteran of the war and suffering from shell shock , in our day PTSD.  I remember my dad talking about shell shock and the many soldiers who suffered from it. This book is what I call a gentle mystery, the murder almost being just an incident to hang the solving of it on. It makes the story very interesting as the detective Rutledge  pursues the clues to solve the mystery. There is none of the  blood, guts and gore that seem so prevalent in some of today's mysteries. I like these gentle mysteries , they are an exercise for the brain and a race to the finish to see who gets there first, me or Rutledge. LOL. The author is a mother/son writing team know as Charles Todd. The book review says this particular book , the 12th in the Rutledge series, is not the one to start with but I did not find it too difficult to read.
You can find it in the Library.

Time to go folks. Have a great evening.

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