a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Friday, November 26, 2010


Jean again fixed me up. In yesterday's blog I said I could take photos with my camera . It should have been cell phone. I did take some with my cell but can't seem to get them to go to my computer
 but as Jean said I should take it to London Drugs, they could help. I laughed , even my friend in Delaware knows London Drugs from this blog LOL. That is what I'll do. I did try to send them but they have not arrived.  I need someone to show me.
I went to lunch with my Healthy Heart group today. I used to go to this group about 10 years ago and had to stop because of my feet. No doctor seemd to know what was wrong with me, then I asked the eye doctor and he told me. Can you imagine that?  We went to the White Spot a perennial favourite for Vancouverites.
There are 6 of us who get together every couple of months , but today only 5 could make it. We had a great time chatting it up. Two of the ladies are from England and it was interesting to hear that they get pensions from Britain. They paid into it so should receive the benefits. The interesting thing is if a man receives the pension he gets one for his wife , but Marie can not get a pension stipend for her husband. The inequity of that is unreasonable. It should work two ways or no way. 
We  talked about the politics of this province, which are crazy believe me. However this province has a premier who just resigned and Newfoundland's premier just resigned too. That make the provinces on either end of the county with lame duck premiers.
Then the woman who  was   convicted of  driving drunk and killed a beautiful 4 year old child and badly injured her aunt   just received bail.
 That was another topic as people are very angry about that.

Eunice and Marie from LtoR

Maureen,Olga and Nan
I did a bad thing last night. I went to bed at 8:00 because I was tired and started reading a book planning on falling asleep fast as often  happens. But I read that book until it was finished about 2:30. The book is entitled  Double Exposure by Carol Smith. It is a good story and an excellent mystery. You can get it from the library if you want to read it.  But because of the late night and because I got up at 8:00 I was tired after my adventure with my friends So I had a nap when I got home. Ray made dinner while I was napping. Great guy isn't he.
We called Marion , Ray's sister who lives in Winnipeg or Winterpeg as it is fondly referred to, to see how her chemo went today. She is such a cheerful person and if attitude has anything to do with recovering from cancer she will be the one to do that.
The snow left in the middle of the night , the temperature rose and melted the snow away . Amazing isn't it. Our winter snows don't last long here .
I have not knit for several days lately as my thumb joint is sore and the joints on my pointer finger are quite sore too. So my therapy is to not do any knitting. It will please my friend Buzz as she says there is too much knitting on my blog. So Ione will just have to wait a bit longer for her socks. Sorry about that Ione. :))
Have a good evening folks.
Good night!

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