a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Friday, November 19, 2010

a bit racy

What! What does she mean by racy? We had lunch with Bob and Buzz today and Buzzie said I should make my blog a bit more racy. My eyes popped at that one. But I asked the question, what do you mean? You should give more details of your life.  But no more knitting, too much knitting already....Well Buzz there is only so much of my life I am willing to reveal LOL. She told me to write it early because sometimes I am too late , sometimes I don't get home until late :)) I am a busy girl if girl is the word. I wonder how much detail of my life would be of real interest . So tonight I'll try for a bit more detail.
We had a great visit, lunch was only a hamburger so the company had to be good. We talked about having lunch at the Silver Reef casino in Washington state, but then we always talk about that and don't do it. They go every couple of weeks with other friends. However we are staying away casinos right now. They are not paying these days neither in Canada nor in the USA.  After not going for a while we don't really feel much like going. And that's a good thing.
Earlier before we had lunch we went to the Post Office to mail the brown socks to Katie,on the way we saw this cute little boy, around 2 yrs old sittingon the floor  in front of a shop. I looked around for an adult and found mom a bit away. She said he was too heavy for her  now but he wanted to be carried so he was protesting. A baby sit-in Haha ! he was so cute. No tears though! Just a protest.
After we broke up with Bob and Buzz Ray and I walked a bit in the mall , then we stopped in at Home Outfitters. I wanted to try and find a pair of medium sized red mugs for our morning coffee. No luck, so we moved on to Zellers , no red mugs there but we found a pair with cute Scottie dogs on them. Scotties are my favourite dogs. My son had one at one time, Bonnie was her name and she was the sweetest dog. I know scotties are not known for their gentle natures but Bonnie was an exception.  She was not a small dog so when she jumped up on you it was none too gentle. However I loved her and have wanted a scottie ever since. So I make do with pictures of scotties on mugs. I know I will love the mugs. We succumbed to a small box of chocolates too.

Still in the packaging.
When we got home around 3:30  I read some of my e mail, got sleepy, so took a nap.
Too much detail?
As you can guess I did not sew today, I wanted to but my day took a different turn and it was not to be. I do not sew at night, whenever I have tried that there were too many mistakes and too much unsewing. So it is not really worth the effort which is why I KNIT in the evening Buzz, knitting is a no brainer. haha!
Ray made tuna sandwiches for supper, he makes the world's best sandwiches so I was delighted, no dishes to wash either just plates that are now in the dishwasher.
Tonight we will watch TV and I will do things on my computer and knit. Apparently we will have snow tonight, probably most of it at higher levels but some on Vancouver streets. Cold is on the menu too. I was cold when I had my nap and had to put on some heavier socks and a sweater.
Rick my second son has been working in Calgary and he was hit by that bad snowstorm there and freezing cold this week, he comes home tonight to this cold and snow. But it won't last.
Time to sign off  on this detailed report LOL.
Have a warm cozy evening, cover up with your quilt and enjoy a mug of hot chocolate.
Sliep Lekker.  :))
You are welcome to comment   ;)))

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