a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Saturday, July 24, 2010

another gorgeous day

The weather has been unbelievable this past month, it makes me want to be young again when we used to take the bus downtown and walk to all the events in town. This week is the fire works competition. Spain is the country strutting their stuff. We can hear it from our apartment but it is too difficult to get there for me.
I remember going to Stanley Park and watching the musicals in the "Theatre Under the Stars " on a balmy summer night such as this one. It was wonderful.

I started reading The Help last night and it is a great read- kept me reading until 2:00 AM. Now that is a good book in my opinion, I even lay down and read it for a couple of hours this afternoon. Then we went out for dinner to our favourite family restaurant where the waitstaff is marvellous, food is delicious and there is plenty of it.
No sewing today but maybe a bit of binding later . I want to set up another pair of socks for Lynn. Ione gave me the yarn so we can thank Lynn for all the quilting she does for COmmunity Quilts.
My day today was not very interesting nor are my thoughts so I'll just leave off for now.
Have a beautiful night....

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