a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Shop Hop and Flop

We did it.Betty, Marie Claude and I went out to Abbotsford for lunch at the lovely little tea shop on Montrose Street . I had a chicken pot pie with salad , small scones, raspberry jam , Devonshire Cream and Coffee. Delicious!. The shop is so elegant, as is the plating, bone china teacups and plates,delightfully displayed and served. A real treat ! We stopped in at Quilt Essentials , a small quilt shop next to the Tea House but with lovely fabrics and delightful patterns. The diplays are artistically done. They also sell Berninas at the back of the shop. Betty bought a package with all the fabrics in it for a quilt that was displayed up on the wall. I bought just a few FQs but they were pretty.
Earlier in our trip we stopped at Fabricana as I wanted some quilited fabric, also bought half metre cuts for my contribution to the next on line Bingo game. The themes are Christmas for this game coming up and paper dolls for the next I think. The dolls are so cute.
After lunch and Quilts Eseentials, we motored on down to Quilt Works , A Great Notion, where I bought another spool of silk thread, a pretty turquoise a adorable Hallowe'en pattern. Don't know if I'll ever get it done as it is Paper piecing which I hate but if anything can get me PPing it is this pattern LOL.
We were going to go to Fort Langley but by this time it was after 2:00 and was time to hit the road to avoid the worst of the rush hour. We were pretty fortunate until we hit the approaches to the bridge where traffic all slowed down. But once past the bridge it was clear sailing. We got back to my place about3:22 and decided that we'd take in Fort Langley another time.
Now was the time to FLOP LOL.
After a bit I made a salad for dinner.
Face booking a little later but I am not a true Facebook fan as I rarely initiate anything, just read what my family is doing LOL. It is a bit like eavesdropping :>) My mom would not approve even though she has been gone a long time. Isn't it funny how parents never really leave us. As long as our memory survives our friends and loved ones who have gone ahead do not leave us either. I think of my mom, dad and brother every day.
Now I need to take photos of my purchases, just hope they do not blue out when taken in the house.

Bon Soir folks and take care.

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