a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Saturday, July 10, 2010

getting it right

Is there anywhere to go to improve the look of my blog. I see other blogs that look so together. I want to know more about designing a blog on blogspot. If you know please contact me at nanb@shaw.ca

I bought the Quiltmaker magazine today. It has been a very long time since I bought this magazine. I usually buy Fons and Porter's Love of Quilting and not much else. But this one came in a plastic cover and had a CD of quilting designs and a pattern on it. So I was tempted , gave in and bought it. It is a nice magazine and feels good in the hand, really silky feeling paper. I like it. The designs are for the most part good and I think there may be one or two I might make. I see lots of interesting items featured that may be something I would like to purchase and three books that are briefly reviewed.
My eyes are so bad tonight I can scarcely see this print , it is very small so that is probably why. I get allergies in my eyes and that makes them blur out.
I seem to be picking out library books that I have already read or ones that just are not a decent read so I just stop reading them. There are no library police that say you must finish what you start LOL. Just like there are no quilt police to say you must complete every thing you start if it has lost its appeal. Although there is the off chance that you may want to come back to it so don't throw it away. I am having an urge to finish a quilt that I thought I'd never finish because I was disatisfied with it. So who knows.
We are watching the football game, B.C. and Saskatchewan, we are losing Waaa!! Tomorrow is the deciding game of soccer between Spain and the Netherlands. I am rooting for the Netherlands but like Spain too so either way I will not be disappointed :>)) I read somewhere that people who are happy and positive are naive and too trusting. That would be me :>))
Good night folks!

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