a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Thursday, July 29, 2010

pretty things

I am late tonight because I spent the past two hours on my PC trying to locate a set of Sunbonnet Sue redwork designs that had come in on one of my lists. It was very difficult to find things as I had not deleted the messages because I wanted to keep that particular letter. After hunting through a ton of messages I finally found them and bought them. They are really lovely. SBS is a favourite of mine and I do not have any redwork ones I like, these I love.
We had a day of it . Rick called last night to say that Mac had a call from his doctor to come in tomorrow and he wanted Adam to come back so he and Lisa had to postpone their trip to Victoria. All three will probably go with him to the doctor I would think. Jim called and he is coming down from Edmonton on Monday, arriving Tuesday.
We drove Adam and Lisa out to Horseshoe Bay so they could catch the ferry to Gibson's Bay and then Rick would pick them up and they could go on to Sechelt. Before the ferry came in we went to Troll's and had pancakes and bacon. Not a very good choice as far as healthy eating is concerned but delicious MMM.
I took some photos today and will download them soon so there should be several new ones on the blog after I get them off the camera.
We started our on line Bingo game this week and on one of my cards I got 4 out of 5. The other players will hate me as I have won so many times. I was hoping not to win. My other card had no hits this week. LOL. You may say that I should not play but there are not that many players and we need the contributions.
Going, going gone :>))


dequilter said...

You said that you had to a TON of messages to find the SBS. Maybe in the TON of messages are my email messages you have not responded to. :) Jean

lulu said...

No mail from you Jean , I would never not respond to you, you are too important to me:>))