a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Friday, July 30, 2010

Good deal

Isn't it great when you purchase one thing and get two for the prce of one? I lost my little cell phone about 2 weeks ago and decided to buy a new one. Off I went to Telus where I have my account and told the girl that I wanted the cheapest phone I could buy. I rarely use it, maybe once a week to call Ray after my sewing groups to let him know I am on my way home. It is eally just for an emergency. The saleslady did what I wanted and set up the new phone for me. When I came home I figured out how to add names and numbers to the phone book and did a couple of them. Ray was fooling around with it when I left the room and when I returned he said you have a picture of the air conditioner on your phone. What are you talking about I said confusedly. You have a camera on your new phone. Can you believe that 2 for the price of one. I was so excited!! Now there is no need to buy another camera in case my main one decides to cop out. I was going to buy a second camera for that reason. Two for the price of one, is that a deal!!!
We went to Fabricana this morning, Ray under protest,:>)) for their sale. As is usual when I go there for a sale , it is not the fabric that is on sale Drat!! But I bought some pieces for my on line Bingo games which will make me ready for the next four games. I bought these prints, Safari, Hallowe'en and small plaids, I had purchased Paper Dolls when we went to Abbotsford so I am set for 4 games. Then I bought a couple of metres of WOW and a meter and a half of a small red on white print for redwork embroidery. That was it.
We went to IHOP for lunch, had pot roast with onions, smashed potatoes , gravy and garlic bread, the best garlic bread I had had for a long time.
After the shopping I was tired and had a nice laydown , read for a bit and
had a short nap.
I called my friend Jean in Delaware as I had not been receiving her e mail , she contacted me on this blog and she had not received mine. There was very little mail today so I know something is wrong. I'll call Shaw tomorrow to see what the problem is.
I have not heard from Adam about his dad so far today.
It is a gorgeous evening so I'll blog off for now. Talk tomorrow...
Take is easy and enjoy the evening.
Bon Soir.

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Anonymous said...

Nan, keep your camera. Cell phone photos are not the best. :) I have to get with you so can s'plain the bingo games. We love IHop. For breakfast I get the beef tips with eggs, red potatoes with the fried onion in them and 2 pancakes.. yummy. The beef tips are marinaded in balsamic marinade. Re: Mac it sounds like the end is near.. Have a great day. Love, Jean