a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Cathedral windows

Oh such a beautiful pincushion, cathedral windows. Won't this make a lovely gift for a sewing friend and also for yourself of course. Have fun with this one.
Some beautiful applique flowers here. A challenge but gorgeous.

We went to the clinic to have my pic line removed but the clinic did not have an order from the doctor so the nurse said she would call the doctor and get the order then come over to our place to remove it.
Later on in the day she came over with the order and took the line out. It wasn't dreadful but it was a bit of a pain. It bled for quite a while after the removal. Now it is very itchy but by tomorrow it will be a lot better I hope. The nurse is going to call tomorrow to see how the night went.

After that we trekked out to Surrey to Shaw , our cable provider, our internet provider and our telephone provider. All the same company :))  Our bill was so high this month and going higher next month. We had a great young woman helping us. She removed a lot of channels that we never used, got my internet down from the high download type we had . She save quite a bit of money. We'll see how this goes. So far so good.

After we went to the I HOP next to Tom's for a bit of lunch and then over to Tom's but he wasn't there so I could not ask him  about my machine. I did look around but the store he is in now is very small and didn't accomodate my walker very well. That made it hard to look around so I didn't buy anything. His stock is low because of the fire. When his new store opens I'll go over, maybe with Kathy if she is availale. Then I won't have to listen to Ray fret LOL. He does not like going into quilt shops even though he does try and be patient. However I am always aware of him so leave before I want to do so .
This is a cute quilt that Tom is giving a class on Saturday. It uses 2 1/2 squares throughout.
Except for the ears and the tails, half square triangles.
The Scotty dogs are all in light beige prints.

Another of Tom's classes , this is a very attractive design.

Finally we came home and waited for the nurse to come. I began to work on my sashing. Unfortunately I didn't get a lot done since I made some errors and had to rip the stitching out. But I did get the last row of sashing made and pinned to the two rows already done ,then realized I had to make some more of the posts for the last row. By then I was tired and ready to call it a day. So I rested LOL but did not sleep.
Weather report, Rain today and this little doggie has on his bright yellow raincoat. This way the cars can see him.

Some kids have a strange idea of good LOL. Rose sucking on daddy's thumb.
Time's up folks.
Have a good evening.

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