a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Saturday, March 31, 2012

another rainy day


This is a very useful piece. I made several of these and sold them when I was first quilting. Mine were not exactly like this but the idea was the same. I did not take pictures in those days.

This blog describes how to make your own sew slip rectangle for your sewing machine. I bought one at the Houston 3 years ago , I know there are two different clmpanies who make these pieces but I can't recall which one I bought . It never worked for me , kept getting caught up in the quilt and not sticking to the machine. I was very disappointed. It would be cheaper to try one that you make yourself to see if it works. So here is the blog that tells you how to do that.

Weather Report. It rained like crazy all day, a very heavy rain.
Kind of chilly .

Having a good chin wag over the back fence. My first Mother in Law used that expression and it suits this picture to a T .  I wonder what they are saying and who they are talking about . Anyway it looks like a good gossip doesn't it?  Just boys having fun! :))

My Iraqi vet, 3 tours of duty over there now out of the army. In my webshots there is an album of his adventures in Iraq or somewhere close by.
Check out here http://www.webshots.com/user/nanboudreau/myboyiniraq  You can see some of the photos he sent me.

Do you like devilled eggs? Then fancy them up like these ones. All it takes is an egg, a carrot, a black olive, some mayonnaise and if you like salt. Then with these ingredients you can make the cute little guys.

I've been trying to get one of my photos off my webshots albums. It takes a ton of fooling around with no success. I wish there was a formula for doing this. If anyone knows how to do it will you please e mail me the details . My address is nanb@shaw.ca
I learn everything for my friends on the internet.

We took Margaret to the casino today, it was fun and we enjoyed ourselves. She was the lucky one so she came home happy.

Early in the day we went to shop for groceries. Ray shopped and I sam on my walker seat and thumbed through the quilt magazines. I had fun and he was happy because the bill was under a hundred dollars. When I shop with him it is never under a hundred, LOL.
The line up at Tim's was so long that it stretched along the store so we decided to forgo coffee today. It was a crazy day out there with lots of cars and lots of people. I wondered what was going on.

I am the very fortunate mother who has five sons. Whne one tires another takes over . I am gilled with love for them.

I'm tired and my brain is out to lunch haha. So I'll be signing off for this evening. I hope you all had a good evening.
Good night.

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