a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Sunday, March 25, 2012


Nice site, some freebies and some purchase patterns. I enjoyed the photos on the blog.That's all the newest sites for today.

Thanks to Mary and Jean for being smart enough to know that the round light was a basketball hoop. I looked today and it was Haha.

I helped Ray with the washing today, what a Good Wife !!!   LOL.


After it was all over we went out, of course we did, what else. Some days I would like to stay home so I could sew but he Wonderful Husband that he is likes to go out every day. It is probably good for us to walk around like that.  And I want to make him happy.

We went to The Crossings and had a bit of lunch at McDonald's. I had a chicken salad and Ray had nothing as there were all out of salads. I can tell you he was not happy and walked away . He could have helped me with my salad as it was big but he didn't.  It was a very good salad and the chicken was delicious.
Looks good doesn't it. I do like salads.
Then we went over to London Drugs for some iron pills. I went to the cosmetics to buy some cheek colour or rouge as we used to call it. I put it in the basket and when it came up on the  bill at $15.99 I told the clerk it was not my intention to pay such a price and would she take it off the bill. She is a very nice girl and so she did. I deal with her often and like her.
Then we went to the computer department and Clayton was on today. We dealt with him a lot when I was buying my laptop and computer , another guy we like a lot. Of course he wanted to know where I had been. So we had a conversation. I bought 2 two gigabite memory sticks. I like to have a couple of extras for my embroidery machine which is not here at the moment.
 I hope now that Tom is getting back from the show he will have time to do something about my machine.
Lynn called tonight , that's Ray's daughter. Her son had an infection of the lining of his heart. It was terrible painful. He had to go to the hospital where they are treating him. I imagine he is getting antibiotics. He is still young  in his late twenties I think.
Poor Lynn  she has had a rough time lately and is quite distressed.

Once again after we got home I had to have a rest. I read my book for a while and then fell asleep.
Not that it is a boring book LOL. It is actually quite engrossing and written well. I tleads you on to want to keep on reading. The story is quite a novel , sorry , not a pun, story line.
Weather report. Another beautiful spring day , one of those days that I love. It is a very energizing type of day. Here is an example of Spring , the Forsythia. I was almost inside the bush LOL.
Time's up folks.
Have a wonderful evening.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Nan, I think that sentence about going out should say "WE like to go out everyday!! "
Both of you are roadunners. :) JEAN