a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Sitting at home for the day as the comuter man came , the water man came, and the cleaning lady came. We try to keep out of her way. But after she is finished we are going to Safeway to pick up a prescription. And Jean we don't like to  stay at home all day. We are as you say Road runners. But at our advanced age it is good to be on the go, keeps the joints oiled or cripples us , one or the other. haha.
We did go to Safeway and had a coffee and lemon poppy seed cake for an afternoon snack. The we went to the garage for gas which is a heart rending situation :((

I got a lot of photos of little Adam who is not that little any more. Aaron had them on his facebook and I saved them.
He won something LOL. He is quite athletic , loves baseball and other games. Plus as I told you he is musical too. And a top student. We are proud of his accomplishments.

Adam and his grandma Gloria, the banana in the middle is Aaron , his dad.  haha. Funny guy.

This is Louisiana, now this guy looks really mad, good thing they were in the car. There are lots of alligators in this park. I always like to go there whenever I go to Louisiana. Adam what is this park called? You can tell us in the comment section of the blog. We'll be happy to hear from you my dear.  I got a lot of alligator photos of Aaron's blog.
Big guy, one to stay away from .  I love to look but don't want to get too close haha. He is looking for dinner don't you think?

Rose taking over her grandpa's, Dad's dad, chair and his TV channel changer. Clever girl !!! LOL. She looks so proud doesn't she. I'll get to see Rose and Charlotte on my birthday next week. All my boys will be here too, oh happy day.
I wonder why I can't write in the blank space beside the  photos. Hey I seem to have found a way Hurrah!

Ray is talking to his sister Gerry on the phone right now and it doesn't sound very good for Marion, not that anything can be good for my dear Sister in Law at this stage of her cancer. We don't know how she is hanging on at all. People are absolutely amazing with their strength of will!!  My prayers are with her.

I am going to my sewing machine to sew a couple if seams to get my blocks ready for tomorrow.
Have a wonderful evening my friends.
Bon Soir.

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