a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Monday, March 26, 2012

sewing machine cover

A free download of a pattern for a sewing machine cover. It is rather pretty.

If you are a pink lover this is for you. Of course you can use any colour you do  love.

Weather Report:  The sun went away today and the rain arrived. It was a bit cooler, yes quite a bit LOL.

I had to go to the eye specialist this morning. I haven't seen him for 18 months due to missing appointments because I was in the hospital. My eyes have been sore. However he declared them fine and then prescribed an antibiotic. I sure didn' t get that but Ray said it was to stop the pain. Since there is nothing wrong my assessment is that it is this laptop that is causing eye strain and as such eye pain.  I think I will call him tomorrow to see what is going on.
We went to Safeway to pick up something for Ray and bought a few groceries.
Then I had an appointment with the infectious disease specialist. He declared himself happy with my progress. Good news!!

Then we had to go back to Safeway for my prescription. While Ray was picking that up I bought some ice cream and one other item. Got the same cashier, She said"Are you planning on coming back again today ?" No was my response and we both had a laugh over that.
Picture of Jean's flowers in Delaware. It looks like spring arrived there early.
In response to your comment on yesterday's blog Jean, I guess we are a pair of roadrunners LOL.
Another Delaware  beauty. And no more bragging Jean . LOL No not really , keep sending them on.  Your photos are great!
I love hot chocolate or as these guys call it cocoa. LOL.
And today is Monday soooooo . Dreadful isn't it. I have always enjoyed Mondays even when I was working. I always felt it was a clean start so I had a clean start every week. As I was a teacher that was a good thing :))   Now that I am retired it is not quite the same as every day is a Monday and a clean start. That makes me a happy camper.
Margaret, my sister called to see if there was a non stop flight  from Vancouver to New Orleans. I've been to NO several times and always love going there but I have gone to Adam's in Lake Charles and he has driven me there. Sometimes he had business and I went along for the ride. I called him to see if he knew about Marg's question and he was at his band practice but said he would look that up when he got home.
A budding musician, Charlotte and Mom, Meaghan. I love when kids like the piano.  Our little Adam takes piano lessons from Grandma Lisa.  Great news!!

I did not take a nap this afternoon. Isn't that good!! After we got home I spent the time checking my e mail until it was time for dinner. We  bought chicken at Safeway so I had a piece for dinner . Of course as that was why we bought it. LOL.

It is time to go. Have a lovely evening and do something you like. Read a book, watch TV,applique haha,  play Solitaire or do something on your laptop.
Bon soir.

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