a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Saturday, March 24, 2012


It was a gorgeous morning all day LOL. Spring has definitley arrived in Vancouver. I finally saw a cherry tree in bloom.

We went out for breakfast to IHOP. ordered from the senior's menu but I wan't all that hungry so even the senior's breakfast was a bit too much. Across the street is a building that has had a series of uses and owners. Right now it is a Sushi restaurant , but previously it was originally a private home, then it was a funeral home and it was a restaurant and finally a Sushi house. It is a beautiful house , well constructed and has an unusual facade. 
After our meal we went grocery shopping. Ray did all the shopping and I sat on my walker seat and perused the quilt magazines. He actually prefers to shop for groceries as it costs him less when he does the jog. I buy to many luxuries such as make up, books, magazines, candies etc. You know how it goes. :))
Some things we saw on our visit to the bakery for bread and on the way home.
An old Cadillac lovingly restored and painted such a great colour.

I was not feeling up to par so we came home and I had a nap, so did Ray but he was just tired. He rarely sleeps well at night so he often has a nap.

I have some good pictures of things that are going on around our neighbourhood. New fences being  going up or old ones being fixed, mostly new ones though.  Spring is the time for renos.
New fence cement blocks and wood. Many of the local fences are wood, are quite old and are falling apart.
Another section of the fence in the process of being dismantled. Don't ask me what the thing that looks like the moon is, I don't know.
Especially on the road LOL, Everyone but me and thee is an idiot. HA!
That's all for now , my eye is just plain sore.
Have a lovely evening. Keep your oars in the water!!
Bon Soir.


Mary said...

The moon thing is a basket ball hoop :D

Anonymous said...

yep that is what it is, a basketball hoop. Definitely not an orb.. LOL Jean

lulu said...

You ladies are just to clever LOL What is wrong with me, I was there. haha